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Pest Control Services

Let us help you prevent and control unwanted pests by using a combination of our local services

Save time and money in the process.

If you’re tired of wasted time and money trying to solve your pest control issues or having a hard time finding a pest control company that can get to your area, you’re not alone. Not long ago, that’s exactly what our city was experiencing! We now have the manpower to service many areas and any bug or rodent you may be having an issue with. Though smaller jobs are not ‘top of the list’ for many larger residential pest control companies, many consumers expect companies to be available on-site within the hour.

When that happens, customers usually have fewer choices when it comes to where they will likely hire pest control services.

rat cleaning her fur

Taking matters into our own hands

Providing pest control services is something our customers have counted on Ark Pest Management for over 15 years. Our team of pest control technicians continues to develop many ways to reduce the costs of doing pest control in the most affordable way possible.

We’ll send a technician to quickly identify and eliminate rats, mice, and bugs from your home.


We’ll determine exactly what product or service is necessary, send out a professional, and you’ll save costs by calling online for your ‘local’ pest removal service. Discover the beauty of our approved high tech rotary sprays and equipment. Safe, effective and efficient.

Investigate liquid insecticides to find the best option for your home.

In addition to the advice that we offer our customers, we also offer some of our customers professional help. Since so many of our pest control technicians know more than their neighbors, many of them are experienced in helping pest control customers best manage out-of-control pests.


Our expert pest control agents have given numerous lessons to teams around the Ottawa area that are on the forefront of providing superior pest control services to the public.